Sunday, 1 November 2015

American Revolutions Tour 2015

In September 2015, I rode my fold up Brompton bike 800 miles down the East Coast of the USA. I followed the story of the American Revolution, through Concord, Lexington, Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Long Island, New York, Princeton, Washington Crossing, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Fredericksberg and Richmond Virginia. I'm currently writing the second book in the Adventures By Bike series and doing a series of talks for charity.

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Video Ho Ho Loco

A silly run around Christchurch talking about the HoHo Loco!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mile-058 The Maratona d'Italia

Its the Mezzo Maratona d'Italia edition of the "A Mile with Me" Podcast!

Join Phil Moneypenny and I in Italy as we run the Ferrari Half Marathon, from Maranello to Modena

Find out how Phil and I managed to avoid a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" bed sharing incident, catch up with us as we run the race and afterwards in Florence

We also hear from the winner of the womens half marathon and a number of runners along the way

We meet up with some great guys from Malta, some Canadian Polish folks, some Finnish runners and of course a heap of Italians!

We also catch up with Janis, who literally ran away from her spectacular Italian wedding day exactly 10 years ago. She was celebrating her "non-anniversary" that weekend with all her friends - they were all running at various places around the world that weekend including Janis herself running the Ferrari Half!

Also join me on board Connie as I ride through Wimborne telling you all about the Studland Stampede!

Its a packed show so download and enjoy!

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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mile-057-Enduro Challenge London to Paris Triathlon

Hello everyone and welcome to todays show. It follows us on an amazing 460km adventure as Team Virtualis run, swim and bike 460km from London to Paris

Its the 7th annual "Enduro Challenge a 6 person team relay event that takes place between teams in the finance sector in London. The challenge is to:
  • Run 120 km from London to Dover
  • Swim 40 km from Dover to Calais in France
  • Cycle 300 km from Calais to Paris
We are onboard with Team Virtualis as I was handling logistics, driving and website / tracking for the team.

Follow our adventure through the hillsides of Kent, find out more about the infamous "Bucket Club" and on to the finish at the Eiffel Tower.

The team came together from friends across Price Waterhouse, Goldman Sachs, Citadel LLC, Credit Suisse, Serpentine Running Club and JPMorgan and we took on UBS, Barclays Capital, Credit Suisse and Accenture in the frantic race through day and night to Paris

Follow the adventure as the team (to strict Channel Swimming rules) have to swim in the cold English Channel in just their speedos and then time trial to the City of Light.

Its a great an unusual adventure.

Find out more about us all at:

Other links mentioned in todays show

Music from the podsafe music network this week:
  • Phoebe Le Gere - Under Paris Skies
  • Andrew Lubman - Swim

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mile-056 Running in Ibiza

Hi everyone

On this edition of the A Mile with Me podcast you join me running the trails and towns of the beautiful white island of Ibiza.

Set in the azure waters of the Mediterranean Ibiza has been home to hippies, holidaymakers and of course the global clubbing scene deposits itself on the island during the summertime

I run through the hippy market at Es Canar and along the lovely rocky coastal paths.

I also tell you about a great edition coming up!

Its always great to hear from you. if you enjoy the show then why not drop me a line at

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mile-055-Three Men and a Boat (to say nothing of the dog)

In 1889, Jerome K. Jerome published his famous book about life on the Thames, Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog).

It was part travelogue, part novel.

122 years later three running friends ran along the same part of the river having a good chat and enjoying some adventures along the way.

We saw plenty of boat action, including a homemade raft race, a more professional wooden Sciff race and had an interesting encounter with a dog.

The run took us from Richmond to Hampton Court Palace and back a distance of around 18 miles, and with a few breaks thrown in we ran exactly a half marathon of it

So, let me introduce my friends .. On my left in the above picture is Colin Clews (@Clewsy) one of the hosts of the fabulous Velo Club Don Logan cycling podcast  ( On my right is Paul Abrelat (@Pabrelat) from the Run Yank Run podcast .

Join me running in Ibiza as I introduce this episode. Music this week snippets of original classics from the Trojan record label - "Kingston Town" by Lord Creator, Desmond Dekker's "007" and "Feel the Riddem" by Clancy Eccles, something very cool for the hot days of Summer.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mile-054-Running with Karnazes

Hi everyone,
This week we have a great edition as I run round Hyde Park in London with the great Dean Karnazes!

It was a great adventure as Dean was over launching his book and running with one of the worlds biggest and best running clubs - The Serpentine.

The club is named after the main lake in Hyde Park which you can see in the picture here.

I had a good chat with Dean as we ran around and also you can hear from Robin Harvie, author of the great new book "Why We Run"

Theres some excerpts from the run and also find out about the Istanbul Marathon which I am running this year - from a Turkish member of our running group who has done the race.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mile-053-Upon Tuscan Shore

Join me this time in the beautiful Italian region of Tuscany, in Lucca, Pisa and Florence.

Come along on a walk around the walls of Lucca, an exceptional city protected with a 4km belt of earth and brick walls from the 16th century and home to some tremendous buildings

Im running at lunchtime as we talk about the English Romantic poet Percy Shelley whose heart beats no more, but lives on next to his wife Mary, author of Frankenstein, in a Bournemouth graveyard.

Shelley had a very strong connection with Italy and the region I was in.

I read from "Ode to a Skylark", one of his most famous poems, about the freedom of the birds in the sky and what they must see. As runners we also experience these freedoms, and believe we see more of the woprld than those who spend their time indoors.

Its a packed show, so come along for a mile with me in the sunshine!

Monday, 16 May 2011


Join me on Mile52 of the podcast at the TCR show (Triathlon, Cycle and Run show) at Sandown Park racecourse in Esher.

Its a great event attracting thw worlds top athletes, bike manufacturers and equipment suppliers to the UKs premier event.

Listen to a feww snippets from Chrissie Wellington, World Iron distance record holder and 3 x Kona champion.

More on the Blazeman Roll

Monday, 2 May 2011

Mojo London 2011

Hi everyone, just a quick post about the Mojo London. A great response so far for this free "Mojo Loco series" run from the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London, where all time on earth is measured.

I will send out a further mail this week to those who have sent in registration details. If you havent yet then there is still time. Check out the separate tab at the top of this site which will give you more details!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Ride Through the Purbecks

A great 45 mile cycle ride across the Purbeck Hills in Dorset

Monday, 28 March 2011

Mile-051-The Blackmore Value Half Marathon

 Welcome to Mile 51 of the A Mile with me Podcast!

On todays show we go out into the lush countryside of North Dorset, previously home to Douglas Adams the author of "The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy", Alan Turing, the god father of computing and King Alfred the Great.

Join Justin and I as we run the Blackmore Vale Lions Club Half Marathon across the olling valley of the River Stour

Also I tell the story of The King James Version of the Bible which is 400 years old this year and originated from a session at Hampton Court Palace which is just one place we run through during the Mojo London!

Monday, 31 January 2011

Mile-050-100 Miles By-Cycle

Hi and welcome to Mile 050 of the podcast. It was a crisp winters day when I wheeled my trustee Cube Agree SL bicycle out through the doors of my summerhouse .. it emerging like the space shuttle moving out of the assemby building.

It was cold but the sky was a glorious deep blue as we made our way from the South Coast up through Salisbury to and it's majestic catherdral (pictured above).

Around 10 miles further is the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge, one of the most famous monuments in the world. I stopped there and recorded some thoughts before dropping back down through the New Forest as dusk swept its way rapidly westward across me.

100 miles were covered in 7 hours of cycling. So join me from the ride in this edition.
Im also in Greenwich at the start of the show, up by the Royal Observatory talking about the Mojo London.

Its a packed episode so why not come along for the ride!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mile-049-Running to Work

Welcome to Mile 49 of the A Mile with me podcast.

Join me as I walk across the south of London from Waterloo to Blackfriars, taking the tried and tested "quickest route" to my office! Hear about the church cross that fell during the Blitz in 1941 and scorched the earth as we cross the pasth of the Mojo London.

Theres a longer segment where I run to work through the centre of Boscombe and Bournemouth taking in the early morning commute ambience and tell you a bit more about the Mojo London run

Music this week, from the podsafe music network, is London or Berlin by Alan Lauris.

I have joined Daily Mile and will talk about that (and the terrific feedback I've received recently) on Mile050 coming soon.

If you enjoy the show then please let me know!

"SteveChopper" on Twitter, Facebook and Daily Mile social networks

See you out there!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Vidcast - Riding on 10 Jan and Mojo Loco

Join me as I cycle along the seafront on a lovely crisp, sunny winters morning. Also I tell you a bit about the Mojo London

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mile-048-Daytona Beach

In this episode of the A Mile with Me podcast you join me on a run along the sea shore at Daytona Beach in Florida. It was a lovely early morning, with the sun shining brightly and a number of runners out for a breakfast run session

Then you join me aboard "Konnie" my dark and beautiful bicycle (named after Konnie Huq!) during a section of a 56 mile bike ride we took on on New Years Day to blow off the cobwebs. We are in the New Forest amongst the ponies, donkeys and pubs, we even overtake an old mini steam-driven Traction Engine that was taking a couple of familiies out for a little jaunt in the forest.

On the next edition I will talk about the plans for the Mojo London in June this year, where you acn join us in person for a run from the zero degrees longitude line and across 2000 years of London history to the glorious grounds of Windsor Castle. Its a 50 mile "hop on hop off" relay adventure for up to 20 of us. If you are interested in this drop me a mail at the address below!

Music today from the Podsafe Music Network is:
Florida Song by Lucky Linda
Country Florida Sky by Robin and the Giant
Lifes a Beach by Monkeyshine

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Monday, 20 December 2010

Mile-047-Going Loco in Florida

 On 11th December I met up with a number of my podcasting and blogging friends for an amazing run down the sun-drenched coast of Florida, between St Augustine and Daytona Beach.

This episode follows some of the story of that run, intertwined with a walk in St Augustine and some background history of the area.

The run was broadcast live on the internet and videos etc can be found, alongside runner profiles etc at

Steve Runner produced a fabulous episode of his podcast Phedippidations on the run, episode 257 at

Watch out for more runs as the Mojo Loco spreads across the world in 2011!

Join me across social networks!

** Apologies for my freaking awful singing! **

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See you out there!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Mile-046-In the Buff

A simple show this week as I try out two new toys.

One is my new Zoom H1 stereo audio recorder as my Olympus has died, and second is my new Buff headwear.

Im out and about on a blustery, overcast Hallow'een evening as we also discuss some amazing old cinemas, the Trailplus Adventure Racing series and the Worldwide Festival of Races run in Lincolnshire

Today's links

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Mile-045-Jeanne D'Arc and Robin Hood

On this edition of the podcast you join me in 3 different places;
first running at lunchtime along the coast in Bournemouth, at the Nottingham Robin Hood Marathon and in the countryside of the Loire Valley in France

In France we hear about the countryside around the farm I was staying on and the nuances of driving a right hand drive car on the wrong side of the road!

In Nottingham we join the atmosphere at the MarathonTalk Motivation Station at mile 19.5 of the Robin Hood Marathon. I helped out on this and it was a great weekend and adventure. Ahead of every runner arriving there was a 1/2 mile straight, which gave the opportunity to look up their name on the race sheet and welcome them personally. The station was supported by Lucozade Sport and the BPM linked soundtrack was by AudioFuels

Podsafe Music on today's show is "Back Again - So Damn Smart" by Chris Townsend

Sunday, 19 September 2010

New Designs and T Shirts Available Soon!

If you are a podcast fan then you will soon be able to egt your very own "Powered By Podcasts" technical running shirts. More info soon but some designs below. Ping me a mail if you want any more detail in the meantime

Monday, 6 September 2010

Mile-044-24 Heures du Mans

Hi and welcome to Mile 44 of the A Mile with Me podcast. On this edition you join me exploring 24 hours in Le Mans as I stay over and run in this great medieval city en-route to the Loire Valley.

They have an excellent example of the "Son et Lumiere", which is French for "Sound and Light". These days it refers to bright multicoloured laser shows which transform the walls of buildings into bright screens, where moving projections dance in tune to evocative music.

It was a fabulous spectacle and there are some great pics and video on the website above.

We run alongside the river Sarthe and find out a little of the history of Le Mans, talk about trams and Geoffrey Plantagenet

You can contact me
Twitter/Facebook/Skype - SteveChopper
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Look out for the next edition of the A Mile with Me podcast where I visit the world famous race track, several chateaux and run through the sunflower fields of rural central France!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mile-043-Une Petite "Tour de France"

Bienvenue a France - avec le podcast "Un Mille Avec Moi"!

Join me on my bicycle as I cycle through Normandy to the Utah Beach and St Mere Eglise, the first town in Europe liberated after D Day in 1944.

I start my cycle with around 8 miles down to Poole Harbour to get the fast cat ferry to Cherbourg and then  cycle down the east coast of the Normandy penisular. We find out the story of John Steele a paratrooper who is immortalised on the church at St Mere Eglise (left). Its a great little day trip on the continent and a nice ride of around 85 miles.

Nearer to home, join me as we run to the lighthouse at Hurst Castle to watch the yachts in one of the world's biggest yacht races - the JPMorgan Asset Management Round the Island Race.

Its a 50 mile circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight which sits just a couple of miles off the south coast of England around 10 miles as the crow flies from where I live in the Bournemouth area.

left: the Condor Vitesse

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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Vidcast- An Anarchy in the UK Cycle

A ride through Burley in Hampshire, amongst the famous New Forest Ponies. The soundtrack is from my video from The Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, featuring The Bad Shepherds led by the famous actor and comedian Adrian Edmonson

Sunday, 4 July 2010

VidCast - At Milton Abbey, saluting 5 years of Phedippidations

In the early days of podcasting, a former radio engineer started recording his thoughts, opinions, observations and rambling diatribes that he composed during long runs. One of the original, and in many people's view still the best running podcast was born.

5 years later Phedippidations is still going strong and in my opinion up there in the top 5 or 6 running podcasts that I class as "The Premier League".

Who can doubt that:

  • Phedippidations
  • RunRunLive
  • MarathonTalk
  • Runners Roundtable
  • The Extra Mile
  • Zen and the Art of Triathlon
provide an exceptional level of research, listener driven content, quality and dedication by their hosts. These efforts are very much admired by those who just dabble a little in this ourselves!

Congratulations Steve and heres to another 5 years of Phedippidations!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mile-042-Running With Friends Again

The White Peak Half Marathon is nicknamed the "swift half" because 3 miles from the end the run takes you a fast 1000ft down the huge inclines built for the High Peak Railway.

It was a great opportunity to meet up with a few friends from the online running community on a glorious weekend.

This is also the story of running through Liverpool the same weekend and a nice run through the meadows at Wick in the sunshine.

Twitter: SteveChopper

Monday, 14 June 2010

Hometown Duathlon

Heres a bike and run through my hometown here on the South Coast of England. Think Global, Run local!

White Peak Half Marathon

Heres a video from the White Peak Half Marathon in Matlock, Derbyshire. A new AMWM pocast on this subject out soon!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mile-041-Shakespeare Half Marathon

Stratford upon Avon nestles at heart of England - both it's geographical and literary centre, due to the world famous works of it's son William Shakespeare.

He was born and died on 23 April and the weekend nearest that date each year hosts both a celebration attended by people from all over the world and a marathon run.

Join me as I run the Shakespeare Half Marathon through Stratford on a glorious late Spring day. Hear the sounds of the race and some history of Stratford and Shakespeare.

Also join me on a run through the forested hills to the north of Poole Bay as I tell you some stories from my recent chat with Dame Kelly Holmes, the 2004 Olympic 800 and 1500m gold medalist.

We also look forward to the Runners Roundtable edition on Half Marathons which I'm hosting on Wed 2nd June at 4pm EDT. 9pm BST and 10pm in central Europe. Join us LIVE!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Mile-040-Rosie Runs the World

In 2003, Rosie Swale Pope ran around the world solo and unsupported in the spirit of adventure and also to raise funds for cancer and children's charities.

It was one in a whole series of amazing challenges that she has set herself and successfully completed over the years. We hear about some of these on today's episode of the A Mile with Me podcast.

Her latest target is to run 27 marathons in 27 days around the south of England and Wales to raise money for children's hospices

I joined up with her as she ran through Portsmouth a great naval city on the South Coast of England. It was a glorious sunny day although quite windy. Join us as we run through the beach area of Southsea amongst the holidaymakers.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Mile-029-The Grizzly 2010

Hi and welcome to Mile 39 of the A Mile with Me podcast!

Today you join me at The Grizzly 2010 - Beauty and the Beach, an annual 20 mile all terrain run along the South Devon coast at Seaton.

It was lovely weather as I joined my Twitter friend and AMWM listener Iain, from the North Devon Triathlon Club (left).

Iain is going to Kona later this year as a qualified age grouper at the Ironman Hawaii world championships so hes a true athlete!

Join me as we run along the beach, through rivers, fields of slurry, tough wooded hills and the infamous river bogs of Branscombe on this fantastic race put on by the Axe Valley Runners. Its testament to the route and the organisers that many of the people I spoke to on this race have all run 9 or more Grizzlys - it really is an experience.

Around every corner is a new hazzard and the sound on the wind of music of many types. How many races have a Scottish piper at the top of one tough hill, followed by a Tibetan temple with bongos and diggeridoo - then as you run through the fields you pass a lonely house with a beautiful girl sat playing a solo fiddle in the garden? Its this spirit of community involvement that makes this race special. Join us for the ambience and the run plus a chat with Iain about Kona.
Follow Iain on Twitter @Devoniain
Chris Russel appears courtesy of
Music is Black Rum by The Big Sea thanks to the podsafe music network

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Mile-038-New York to Boston

On this edition of A Mile with Me we run from New York to Boston in less than an hour and a half! Yes join me as I run between the two towns in Lincolnshire, England.

We tell the story of the Prime Meridan as I straddle the Western and Eastern Hemispheres and we talk about Longitude.

There's an embarrasing toilet moment and a visit to a Fish and Chip shop.

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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Mile-037-Magna Carta

Welcome to Mile 037 of A Mile with Me.
Join me in Runnymede near Windsor, a pleasant meadow on the side of the River Thames where in 1215, King John under pressure and needing the support of his barons, signed over over to them significant rights.

These included the concept of habeas corpus or the ability to appeal against unlawful imprisonment. It also enshrined the concept of sentence proportionate to offence and led to trial by Jury.

It is seen as one of the most important documents in the English speaking world and key elements are in the constitution of Commonwealth nations and that of the United States and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

At Runnymede there is a large memorial to President Kennedy and a monument to Magna Carta put up by the American Bar Association.

We also run in Windsor Great Park and visit the fishing village of Beer. Hear from Tineke as she talks about the Run for Phil and the Extra Mile Podcast.

Join runners across the planet on The Extra Mile podcast:
Find out more about Tineke's run:

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Mile-036-Athens Classic Marathon

The Athens Classic Marathon follows the route between the town of Marathon itself and Athens in Greece.

In 490BC a great battle took place on the Plains of Marathon that altered world history. The Athenians defeated a much larger Persian army in a real turning point. If they had lost then there would have been no Classical Greek civilisation and western world as we know it.

According to legend, a messenger called Phedippides ran the 26 miles to Athens to proclaim the victory and the Marathon run was born!

Its a packed edition - I am in Marathon for the opening ceremony of the Athens Classic Marathon and the start of the celebrations of the 2500th anniversary year in 2010. We hear from the Mayor of Marathon is a special wish exclusively recorded for the listeners to this podcast. We also catch up with a few of the participants and hear the sounds of Athens and my explorations, plus of course my report from the race.

The chap above is Gregoris Lambrakis, a Greek athlete and democracy campaigner who started a Peace Marathon along the same route in 1963. He was assassinated shortly afterwards but through his actions inspired modern democracy in Greece. We hear his inspirational story as we explore the terrific new running musuem at Marathon.

Many thanks to Spyridon Zagaris, Mayor of the Municipality of Marathon, Greece for his message and to his nephew for telling us the story of Gregoris Lambrakis.
Also thanks to T.Batjargal and Jantsan Batbayasgalan representing the marathon and the city of Ulaanbaatar for telling us about the Mongolian International Marathon.

Thanks also to Roy Pirrung for a great chat and sharing the bus ride to the start line!  site of the Athens Classic Marathon    the first Mongolian International Marathon

To the organisers of the Athens Classic Marathon for putting on such a unique and inspirational event

Feel free to mail me, visit my website for all the previous editions and shownotes at and follow me on Twitter @SteveChopper

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Mile-035-Antarctica, Goodwill to all Men

In this special Christmas edition of the A Mile with Me podcast we catch up with Phil Moneypenny, a good friend of mine and owner of RuncastTV.

I have been lucky enough to run with Phil several times this year as the Run Net Community in the UK have gathered to meet for real.

One of these occasions was on Midsummers Day in June as Phil, our friend Ciemon and I ran together across the fields of Wiltshire to see the dawn rise at Stonehenge which we recorded for an earlier episode of this podcast. It occurred to me that as I was recording this edition of the podcast today that it is actually Midsummers Day in Antarctica, so its quite apt to hear from Phil and to send the good wishes from around the world to Phil for Xmas Day. The above picture is not doctored, its the aurora and part of the Halley IV base where Phil is right now.

So on todays episode we talk about people, community, the Antarctic - and how in this sometimes difficult world people are still building and sharing and making connections and things happen.
Contributions from:

Phil Moneypenny
Gary Wall
Harry Burns
Tineke @tinebeest on Twitter
Toni Harvey
Steve Runner
Adam Tinkoff @Zenrunner
Barb, Kelownagurl

Thanks to Harry (above) from the Dream Inspires team for coming up with the idea of sending Phil a Christmas message and sending out the initial email.

Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for your support in 2009.

You can contact me

Twitter @SteveChopper

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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mile-033/34- The Dream Inspires Parts 1 and 2

Join us as we run the Dream Inspires Oxford run as part of the Worldwide Festival of Races.

A group of UK podcasters, bloggers and runners came together on 11th October to run our WWFOR together amongst the "dreaming spires" of Oxford University.

It was a fantastic adventure!  Listen to the two A Mile with Me episodes (33 and 34) and join us in spirit.

Also check out the Runners Roundtable for the special edition where we discussed this run with many of the particpants. Krister also put out an excellent edition of his Running The Narrow Path show ( which was a documentary of the event and his experiences doing it.

I'd love you to mail me if you have any comments on any episode or alternatively you can find me @SteveChopper on Twitter

I am proud to support the Run Net Community which aims to provide a link into the world of independent running podcasts, blogs and other ways the global online running community motivate each other. Find out more at

If you are interrestd in gettin involved in a similar Dream Inspires event next year wherever you live, contact me by mail and we will try and make it happen!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Athens Classic Marathon

On Sunday November 8th 2009, I ran the Athens Classic Marathon along the classic route in legend taken by Phedippeides in 490 BC. The Athenians had just scored a comprehensive victory over the Persian forces on the plains of Marathon, an event which is seen as a turning point for the continued evolution of democracy and hence Western civilisation as we know it today.

I met some incredible people and had some amazing experiences during my 5 days in Greece, and these will be the subject of a podcast in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime I have posted a little "taster" vidcast on and the A Mile with Me podcast feed, so if you are a subscriber you will get this delivered to your Ipod or MP3 player automatically. If not you can get it from the podcast player on the right of this webpage.

From the city of Marathon to the finish in the Panatheniac Stadium (above) built in the 4th century BC for the Panatheniac Games and restored in 1895 to host the games of the 1st Olympiad of the modern era it was a great adventure.

The next edition of the A Mile with Me podcast will complete another journey following a historical running story, as we travel with the runners on The Dream Inspires into Oxford to finish their run at Iffley Road Stadium, venue of the first 4 minute mile. Look out for that in the next few days. Until next time my friends, thanks for listening and see you then!

Watch this episode

Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Dream Inspires!

We had a great time last weekend as we ran The Dream Inspires - Oxford in celebration of The Worldwide Festival of Races (WWFOR)
With several running podcasters taking part plus Phil from there should be no shortage of audio and video material available shortly, including on the next A Mile with Me podcast! In the meantime you can find more pictures from the day here:
Also we wll be reliving the event on the next Runners Roundtable. Join us live on for the recording of the show at 4pm EDT, 9pm BST, 10PM CET more details on

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Mile-032-Fit Christchurch

The ancient town of Christchurch has a long history going back to before 800a.d.. It's residents also have an equal history of good health and longievity - with the 3rd highest life expectancy in the UK.
The borough council has partnered with a number of organisations in a project called Fit Christchurch. Its aims are to promote fitness for all residents. Its an ongoing project which you can find out more about at:
But one of its aims is to have an event each year for residents and visitors to the town to showcase the clubs and resources available in the area. This took place last Saturday and was a great event on a glorious sunny day. I popped along and caught up with the organisers and representatives of some of the sport related clubs that were at the event. Here are some of the links for the voices you will hear on this week's show:

Also check out the Worldwide Festival of Races at - its free and taking place everywhere including Christchurch - THINK GLOBAL - RUN LOCAL!
If you are in the UK then why not join me and some of the UK online running community at Oxford University in the footsteps of Sir Roger Bannister. See earlier posts for details!
As the show is about 1:20 long Ive reduced the MP3 rate so quality is slightly reduced over normal - but makes it quicker for you to download and also will not take up so much space on your ipod!
Facebook: SteveChopper
Twitter: @stevechopper

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Friday, 18 September 2009

Hi, if you are joining us from the Fit Christchurch Event then welcome to the A Mile with Me Podcast website.

A Mile with Me follows my running adventures with interviews, events and music.

To subscribe to the show Free in iTunes follow the "Subscribe" Link. This will guarantee you automatically receive all future editions of A Mile with Me and they will be updated when you synch your ipod with iTunes.

If you dont use iTunes, then you can download to your PC each episode direct using the download bar against each edition. I hope you enjoy the A Mile with Me podcast. Dont forget to join us running with the world on October 10/11 in the Worldwide Festival of Races If you are near Oxford, then why not drop me a mail or follow the instructions on this site to join us for The Dream Inspires run with Oxford University . will give you free access to around 50 free fitness podcasts join some of my running friends around the world live for an hour of interviews and chat every week -as we record the "Runners Roundtable" podcast.

Happy running! -Steve

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Mile-030- The World in Union!

Its 175 years this year since a turning point in the world of worker and human rights in the UK. This revolution led to the legitimisation of workers forming unions and led us on the path to wider access to the vote, and ultimately towards the welfare state and the National Health Service, which was 60 last year. Whatever your views of the NHS, its philosophy of "access to medical treatment based upon need and not the ability to pay" was revolutionary and a model for many other countries and of course this agenda is current in the US right now.
It is on the surface strange that this story was played out in the rural area of Dorset not the industrial midlands, however although the stone was metaphorically dropped into the water at Tolpuddle, the ripples were felt across Britain, Australia and Canada. Join Lybbe from the fiftycountingdown podcast ( as she picks up the Tolpuddle Trail through to a cemetary in London, Canada (she took the pic above!)
Come with us then on this inspirational story in Mile 31, as we have music and atmosphere from the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival 2009, music from Billy Bragg and hear from Tony Benn, a stalwart of British Politics as he describes the importance of the Martyrs story through to today.
I also tell you about the Dream Inspires, a unique opportunity for YOU to literally follow in the footsteps of Sir Roger Bannister in October, and hear about how I will be following the footsteps of Pheidippidies by running from Marathon to Athens in Greece in November.
Excerpts from:
Paul Van Dyke - Time of our Lives
Graham Moore - Tolpuddle Man
Ladysmith Black Mambaso - Word in Union

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Saturday, 11 July 2009

On October 10th and 11th around the world runners will be celebrating the 4th Annual Worldwide Festival of Races. This completely free event invites everyone to "Think Global, Run Local" by taking part in a running event in their own area on the same weekend and then share their experiences with the world.

In celebration of this global happening, we are setting up a run in Oxford, England on the 11th October 2009 that will enable runners within travelling distance to gather and enjoy the experience together in beautiful surroundings.

Its an ancient city in the shadow of the famous "dreaming spires" of the University of Oxford, one of the greatest seats of learning in the world and home of the Iffley Road track where Sir Roger Bannister ran the first sub-4 minute mile in 1954. We are now honored to be working directly with the university to put together a unique event for you, linked closely into the University's amazing running heritage.

I've called this run "The Dream Inspires" both as a play on words in homage to the run location and history, but also due to the capacity of Dreams to Inspire us to join together and achieve the impossible. There will be "Phedippidations Worldwide" 1/2 marathon, "Zen" 10k and "kick the Couch" 5k distances available on the day.

I thus welcome YOU and your friends to Oxford to celebrate the Worldwide Festival of Races with us - its completely free but you will need to register!

To begin with go to and register for the WWFoR there. I will shortly publish details of how to additionally place your name on the "guest list" for the Oxford event. In the meantime feel free to comment here with any questions or to send me a mail

Oxford is just like the Worldwide Festival of Races - it has spread across the world; From Oxford Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the towns of Oxford in 21 US different states we welcome you all to join us in spirit (or in person!) at the original Oxford in England for - the Worldwide Festival of Races and "The Dream Inspires"

Friday, 3 July 2009

MIle-029-Dawn Chaser to Stonehenge

Join Ciemon, Snowshadow and I as we chase the dawn as its first light runs across Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England towards Stonehenge. Ciemon is a Pagan, so we find out on the DawnChaser run all about the close connection with the landscape and how he celebrates his beliefs through the act of running.

Its a beautiful area of the country and we take you with us as we run into Stonehenge for dawn and listen to ambience and interviews within the Stone Circle itself on Midsummers morning! Its a unique atmosphere and by closing your eyes and listening you can be whisked into the celebrations.

Check out Ciemon’s blog at and follow him at

Todays soundtrack snippets are from The Beloved “The Sun Rising”, Spinal Tap “Stonehenge”, Muse “Feeling Good” and Asian Dub Foundation “Buzzing”

Check out video from this run at - search “Stonehenge”

Monday, 22 June 2009

Mile-028-The Run to Pegasus

Just before midnight on the 5th June 1944, three gliders were released above the coast of France and drifted silently towards Normandy. At 00:16 on 6th June, the gliders crash landed and skidded to a halt. The complement of men poured through the doors and through rips torn in the fuselage and headed out on their mission. Theirs was among the first of D-Day, to capture a couple of key bridges, to stop the Germans bringing through reinforcements.

It was a great success and the bridge became named after the symbol of the British 6th Airborne,; Pegasus the winged horse.

65 years later following 3 years of planning an Ultra run took place to commemorate this with a run from the airfield in Dorset which launched the gliders down to finish on the Pegasus Bridge itself. Around 200 runners took part in the 65 mile run - all respresenting a specific individual soldier on the original mission.

I joined the run at the halfway point as the runners arrived for refreshments at The New Forest Hotel in Ashurst, Hampshire. Theres some interesting stories so join me with the runners to Pegasus.

Thanks to Danny Greeno, organiser of The Run to Pegasus and all the folks you will hear from in this episode.

Music from the podsafe music network at
The Essentials - Bells of Freedom

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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Mile-027-White Peaks Half Marathon

Join the fun at the White Peaks Half Marathon in Matlock, Derbyshire, England as some of the UK online running community got together to run a race. Hear us enjoying the day, plus the story of the trail the half marathon is run along and why its called the “Swift Half”

Also mentioned: interviews will feature on the next edition!
View from the gardens at Milton Lodge across the Vale of Avalon to Glastonbury Tor

Music, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network at
Amb26 - Summers Day (theme)
Dona Oxford - Change the World
Join us on 10th & 11th October 2009 for the 4th annual Worldwide Festival of Races at
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Saturday, 16 May 2009

White Peaks "Swift Half" Marathon

Great day at the Swift Half Marathon in Matlock, meeting up with a whole load of interesting people including some members of the UK podcast/ blog family!

Check out Edition 30 of The Runners Roundtable at where all the crew above gathered again to talk about this race (individual pics above left to right)

Top Row

Phil Moneypenny

Steve Chopper

Bottom Row


Click here for my Garmin track - extra couple of km due to navigation error!